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Students are to arrive on time for class. Students arriving severely late will be required to complete warm up exercises at the barre to reduce the risk of injury before joining the class. Please call the office to let the instructor know your student will be late if you know you are running behind. In cases of repeated tardiness, parents will be contacted by the instructor. Pick your children up immediately after class. Please call the studio to notify the office if you will be late due to an emergency. IMPORTANT: all students must be picked up inside the building by a parent/guardian.


It is important to the cohesiveness of your students’ dance training that they attend classes every week as scheduled. If your child will be absent from class, please contact the office prior to the class time. This is especially mandatory with regard to rehearsals and performances. Additionally, if a student has two or more non-emergency absences from class in April and May, he/she may be removed from the spring performance  at the instructor’s discretion. Please let the instructor know if your student will be going on vacation or has conflicting performances or sports events at the beginning of April.


Variations sends primary communications via EMAIL. We do not share email addresses with anyone outside of our organization. Important billing information, as well as studio updates, are sent via email. Please check with Mynda, to make sure that we have your correct email address on file. If classes need to be cancelled to instructor issues, an email will be sent to the entire class accounts no later than 2:00pm of that day. In case of Madison School District  cancellations due to weather, dance classes will be automatically cancelled. Due to the fact that we have students in Sun Prairie and Monona Grove School Districts, we will also be following cancellations in those districts and will make cancellations as needed. Important notifications will be posted on our FACEBOOK PAGE as well. You are encouraged to follow Variations Dance Studio on FB and Instagram,  as important information is often shared there.


Make-up lessons for cancelled or missed classes during the year can be made up within 30 days of cancellation. Students are able to take any class at their level for a make-up class. Meaning, they can cross disciplines. Please let Mynda know which class your student will be attending for a make-up class.



As a part of our efforts to become a paperless facility, Variations Dance Studio sends monthly Newsletter emails to all families with information about upcoming events, new developments, and any pertinent information about the studio. We ask that families read these newsletters as they contain helpful calendar reminders, new opportunities for our students, and other important information.




  • A non-refundable registration fee of $20 per student is required at the start of each academic year.
    For families with three of more students the registration fee is $50.00


Tuition Payments must be made either 

In Monthly  Installments from September to May

  • Payments must be made by Credit or Debit Card. Auto pay options are available.

  • First Payment must be received at registration.

  • Subsequent payments are due the 5th of each month.


In Full When Registering

  • Payments must be made by Credit, Debit Card, or Check. Discounted rates apply for paying in full.

Invoice reminders will be emailed to you.


  • first class is full price   

  • each additional class is incrementally discounted.

  • Families with six or more classes should select the Family Membership package for unlimited classes for the household. This includes grandparents for senior exercise classes.


If you choose to withdraw your student from classes, any future payments will be stopped. Please notify Mynda in writing (email is sufficient), if you are withdrawing your student from classes. Please note: parents are responsible for payment on classes that occurred prior to giving notice. Tuition WILL be charged to your account until written notification is received, regardless of the date a student stops attending classes. Registration fees are non-refundable.


Variations Dance Studio strives to provide high-quality dance education to all students, regardless of their financial status. A limited number of scholarships available. Applications are available prior to and during the first week of the semester. Scholarship applications are due by November 5th. We encourage families to look into these options, as it is our mission to provide dance education to all students, regardless of their financial situations. Scholarships are awarded on a needs and merit basis. 


Spring Performance is Variations Dance Studio’s premiere yearly performance. As this is our year-end, cumulative performance, attendance during classes throughout the year are necessary to develop technical skills. Students are expected to be in attendance in all classes for the four weeks prior to the performance to participate in the spring performance. This will be enforced. Please speak with Mynda if you have any questions or non-adjustable conflicts.


Private lessons may be sought for a variety of reasons: pre-professional development, special needs, or individualized technique growth. Students seeking to enhance their dance experience through individual study should speak to Mynda, who will determine an appropriate plan with a qualified instructor.
Rates $30 per half hour (Private Lessons)
Students are to arrive with appropriate dance attire and their hair pulled back. It is imperative that dancers be able to move freely without inhibition and that teachers are able to clearly see the line of the body in order to properly assess alignment and posture. Students may not wear the following items: jeans, short shorts, baggy sweatpants, pajamas, or big/distracting jewelry (no dangling earrings, bracelets, or necklaces). If a student consistently arrives without proper attire, s/he may be asked to sit out of class.
Jazz (ALL LEVELS) – leotard, tank top or fitted t-shirt with tights, leggings, or dance pants, Students in jazz classes may wear jazz shoes. 
Ballet classes – leotard, skirt, warms ups for warm up, canvas or leather ballet shoes, legwarmer, if desired. For males:  tank top or fitted tee shirt with tights or leggings
Hip Hop classes – tank top or fitted t-shirt with leggings or sweatpants class; sneakers mandatory for Hip Hop – please keep legs covered for floor slides.

Senior Exercise: Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes or leggings for ease of movement.



Go to the students tab and enter: Mynda Joe, to go to the approved dress attire.


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